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Assymetrical Co-Op.

One player uses a controller, smash bros controls. The Other player uses a keyboard to type spellwords, or dodge and boost movement.

Individual action.
Shared Movement.
Friendships Ruined.

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Deep Movement

Inspired by Smash Bros Melee, the movement system surpasses that of any Metrroidvania you have played before, filled with techs and autistic secrets.

Now, imagine using this movement to explore a vast non-linear world, instead of a stage with 3 platforms.

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Having finished many games, I am often left wondering how some mechanics/features are made.

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night's backdash still dazzles me, it's so simple yet elegant, and I still can't see how it was coded.

Unity's Sprite Renderer? The imitation can never reach the original. The original had no sprite renderer, ECS or whatever, it was written in Assembly, how...

The code is fully open, you can even help in development!